Blessed by an Angel and Light !

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Its all about the first morning light here ! 
A huge tusker walking and an Egret sitting on the elephant like an Angel. 

Shot at Amboseli, Kenya.

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Varun Aditya is the 1st prize Winner of Natgeo Nature photographer of the year 2016. He is one of the leading and famous wildlife photographers from India. Known for his vibrant, under exposed and unique story-telling compositions, his images have been published regularly on BBC, Apple, Natgeo etc Varun strongly believes that story-telling through a photograph is much more powerful than a video. Composition and story-telling images are Varun’s forte. His craze for composing different wide frames and perspectives can be seen through all his photographs. He is passionate about chasing light and weather. He has accumulated the experience of photographing same habitats and subjects over different seasons of weather and light. He loves observing and experimenting with dramatic weather and dramatic light, especially the golden light hours during the sunrise and sunset. This passion for light has led him to master the positioning skills, where he considers it an interesting game to position himself at the right spot, at the right time to catch the perfect light and a well-framed moment. Varun also possesses extensive knowledge in Lightroom and at times envisions how he wants the processed output to be and then composes his images. He is calm, amiable and finds joy in sharing his photography knowledge.

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