About us

About Us

PicFlick connects customers to photographic artwork from around the world. Our platform gives Photographers the opportunity to gain more value from their photography. Together with our printing partners we make sure customers can purchase bespoke limited edition prints delivered worldwide.

Who We Are



PicFlick was founded by 3 individuals who are proud supporters of the photography industry with the hope of offering something different. PicFlick gave photographers the opportunity to start their own print business through a platform that manages all the administration for them. From the managing of payments to printing to packaging to delivery and customer satisfaction, PicFlick is the one stop shop for any customer or photographer.


PicFlick launched in November!!! With photographers from around the world signing up PicFlick took the market by storm. Printing options were then expanded to offer a wider range for photographers to use and for customers to choose from.


Partnerships became an important chapter in the growth of PicFlick with emphasis on wanting to give back to non profit organisations. These partnerships were key to the mission under “Organisations we support” to expand our reach while giving back to those in need through the sale of Prints.

PicFlick launches internationally!!! Deliveries with global partner DHL began with prints being shipped to all points of the globe.


PicFlick launches View Live giving customers the opportunity to see the photo of their choice virtually on their very own wall at home or in their offices. View live also gives photographers the opportunity to make their very own marketing material.

We look forward to growing with you!