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The Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation is a Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation connecting people to the ocean and the natural world through informing and inspiring all with excellent Conservation work, Awareness programmes, Research and world renowned environmental Education programmes. We C.A.R.E. The Foundation has rescued, rehabilitated and released more than 600 endangered sea turtles, and reaches more than 110 000 children per year through its education offerings. We will continue to inform, to inspire to increase impact.

Our mission is to free rhinos from the grips of extinction and to involve people from all over the world in creating a better, more beautiful planet for all of Earth’s inhabitants. Baby Rhino Rescue supports rescue organizations that save baby rhinos orphaned when their mothers were killed by poachers.

Purchase our wide variety and Rhino Photographic Artwork delivered to your door anywhere in the world. With PicFlick a portion of the sale of the photograph helps support our organisation.

African Wildlife Vets is a non-profit organisation that provides veterinary support to wildlife protected areas. We assist with treating poached rhino victims, snared animals and other human-inflicted injuries. We take care of rhino orphans that have lost their mothers due to poaching. Take a look at our website at to see out other operations and specific projects.

We’re hoping that you share our passion for wildlife and are willing to support us by purchasing a photo. The proceeds from the sale of these prints goes directly towards the conservation of Africa’s threatened and endangered wildlife species.

All the photographs that we sell have been donated by various photographers.

Sight is a very personal and intimate experience for each person. Healthy eyesight determines quality of life and experiences This is at the heart of our exhibition; the images showcase the individuals that benefit from the Eye care services that St John offers to South Africans and embodies our motto: “Pro fide, pro utilitate hominum” – For Faith and in the service of humanity.

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