Customer Questions

How safe is it to order online?

We urge our photographers/vendors to upload the best quality photograph so that when you select your printing option, no matter what the size is, they will always be the best quality.

We have partnered up with printing suppliers who are regularly in the business of printing and delivery, in fact it’s what they do. We have entrusted our printing with them to give you the best possible experience and high quality

How do I change my shipping address?

By default, the last used shipping address will be saved into to your Store account. When you are checking out your order, the default shipping address will be displayed and you have the option to amend it if you need to.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Customers only have the option to ship their orders within South Africa (For now…)

PicFlick relies solely on the delivery of our suppliers. It is therefore as per the suppliers shipping and printing delivery to be noted as to when orders will be received.

For your convenience we have included these on our website under “Printing Delivery”

How does COVID-19 affect my order?

You will still be able to select any number of artwork pieces, place your order, and pay for your purchase.

However, the ability for us to print and deliver your order, will be determined according to local and international laws which govern countries’ lockdown regulations, essential services definitions, and trade border policies.

PicFlick will do the relevant investigations to determine when it is possible to print and dispatch your order, whilst keeping you informed of the status

Photographer Questions

How do I register as a seller?

Click on “Start Selling” or on “Photographer plans” and select the membership level that you would like to be part of. Remember: Your first month is free


  1. You will then be taken to our initial information page
  2. Once completed you will receive a welcome email
  3. Click on the link in the email so that you can confirm which level you have selected
  4. Enter your credit card details.
  5. From this you will receive an approval vendor email
  6. Click on the link to take you through to your very own dashboard/profile.

Visit our Knowledge base once registered to learn all the tricks: Knowledgebase (You will only have access to our knowledge base once registered)

How do I cancel my Subscription?

Send us an email and we will sort it out for you

How do I activate my account?

We will do that for you

All you need to do is follow the registration process and we will confirm you as a vendor.

How do I know what photos go in the brochure (FlickMag)?

As it is your responsibility to monitor your photographs that you upload and remove from your profile, we will take any photographs from your profile that are available at the time of sale to add to our brochures.
This is for your benefit to increase the chances of you making a sale.

Who owns the image once I upload onto the site?

PicFlick are not responsible for the ownership of the photographs that you place on your dashboard. PicFlick allows you the option to upload and take off any photographs that you would like. Therefore the ownership of the photographs is your own as a photographer/vendor.

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