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Why You Should Consider Buying Printed Artwork Online.

A bare wall is unwelcoming, whether it’s in your bedroom or your boardroom. Thankfully, you have unlimited options when it comes to decorating your walls.

The challenge comes when you try to purchase artwork for your home or office that stands out from the rest. You don’t want a run of the mill, mass-produced print, but at the same time, you don’t want to have to traipse from gallery to gallery to find something suitable. Thankfully there is another option, and it involves buying photography or printed artwork online.

Get Inspired With Social Media

For most people, finding inspiration for decorating their homes or offices comes from social media. There are no shortages of hashtags and accounts you can follow that give you a sneak peek into millions of beautiful spaces all over the world. This approach has its drawbacks though, as being located in South Africa means we often don’t have access to the same stores that international markets do – or that we have to pay prohibitively high shipping costs to get what we’re after. The solution to this is PicFlick. You can browse an endless array of beautiful imagery, and if you find one you want, you can have it printed and delivered to your doorstep, without any import fuss or hassle.

Support Local Photography

Hardly a day goes by where you don’t hear about a major company using designs, photos or images from another person, without permission. They then go on to mass produce the art in question, and its creator is forced into an uphill legal battle to get compensation and credit. With PicFlick, you get to directly support local talent, giving them full credit and compensating them fairly for their photography.

As a result, you can hang a wide array of unique artwork in your home that wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery or upscale boutique.

Upgrade Your Home Or Office Today

It’s never been easier to give your workspace or home a much-needed makeover or upgrade using beautiful artwork. You could browse PicFlick’s social media pages while filling up with petrol or queuing in a shop, and once you’ve found what you like and paid for it online, it will come straight to your door. Whether you’re looking for a stark black and white image of the bushveld in the style of Ansel Adams or a striking portrait of Sandton’s skyline after a thunderstorm, you’re bound to find something you like.

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