Ethiopian Wolf

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Africa’s most endangered canid running across the plains of the Bale Mountains in Ethiopia. With only 500 adults remaining, they are literally trotting down the road to extinction and I felt very privileged in that moment to be walking with them on foot and listening to their fading howls.

Copyright by Lauren Arthur.

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Wildlife images from across the African continent, mainly the incredible characters seen on WildEarth’s LIVE safaris. The Ethiopian wolves are the guardians of the roof of Africa and by protecting them we safeguard many fascinating Afroalpine endemics from extinction. With only 500 remaining, the populations are being decimated by habitat loss and disease.

WWF works to look after our natural resources — oceans, land and wildlife — so we can continue to benefit from food, water and a healthy climate. Together our aim is to raise funds for the work we do through the sale of breath taking images. When you give generously today, you become a vital part of WWF South Africa’s environmental work. You can enable positive change for our country, your community and your family’s future.

WWF South Africa

WWF has been active in South Africa for more than 50 years and our work is spread across a wide front. We work with partners, both in the marine space and on land, to protect our natural world for the benefit of future generations. We have reached out to well renowned wildlife photographers who support the work we do and who were generous to donate photographs in order for us to raise funds to aid the work that we do.

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