Yawning Lion

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Augmented Reality View


There is something about hanging a moment in time on your wall, placing it near your bed, or having it as the first item someone sees as they walk into your house.
A physical representation of a deeper meaning to you.

As for me? I’m Alex an adventure filmmaker and photographer.

Every one of these images has a deeper meaning for me. However, more importantly, were captured as a reminder that adventure is always in our grasp, but the world that we get to explore is hanging on a thread much like these photos on our walls. And one day that rope might give in.

If we don’t keep it sacred, protect it, adventure won’t last forever.

These are not only a reminder to keep adventure sacred and make it last, but an incentive to join in on the adventure.

Seriously, come join me, or grab a print and help me bring other less fortunate adventurers on these explorations, so they too may learn how precious our world is.
In the meantime, while you browse, thank you.

Have a rad day

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