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      “To those who have always wondered how they might best serve the wider world, wildlife conservation is, at its core, one of the purest forms of giving.”
      ~  Thomas Kaplan

      I am a safari guide telling a story through images of nature. I am very privileged to be allowed the opportunity to glimpse into nature’s world through the lens of my camera and educate those that I guide along the way of their experience of Africa wildlife. This is where I aim to give back to what causes me and those I come into contact with so much joy.
      In collaboration with African Wildlife Vets, 50 % of the proceeds of these prints goes towards their noble cause in conservation and caring for animals caught in the turmoil of poaching attempts.
      Please visit their website to find out more about the amazing work they conduct and if you would like to further donate to their cause.
      Every little bit counts and while a simple print on your mantle might cause for a smile to appear on your face it may be the difference that saves an animals life or goes towards the conservation of that animal.

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      Results 1 of 3

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        Liam's been very helpful in uploading images, liaising with Picflick and helping with the overall process.....and his photo's are simply stunning. :)

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